What to Expect

Initially, we will meet in a local coffee shop where you'll fill out an intake form and discuss your wellness goals.  After that, we'll meet weekly to discuss highs and lows from your week, and build on the four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (L.E.A.N.).

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This is how you live, work, play and sleep.  It's the foundation from which many other choices are made.  By examining your lifestyle, you can choose which elements to capitalize on and which need to go.  Strengthening this pillar reinforces the other three. 



How do you move?  What activities do you enjoy and which do you avoid? I want to help you discover ways in which you can move every day -- in a way you enjoy.  Movement, activity, play, exercise, whatever you choose to call it, will enhance your life and mental health in ways you won't believe!



What is a positive attitude and how does it affect you?  You will learn how food affects your attitude, what a positive attitude does for your health and wellbeing, how to nurture a positive attitude and how to silence the voices that work to pull you back into your old habits.



What you put in your mouth changes everything!  It drives the other three pillars of health; it determines how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally; it's your vote in an industry dominated by monocultures, factory farms, and feed lots.  Learning how to feed yourself and your family in a healthy, whole and simple way will revolutionize your life.