A Fresh Start

Starting something new is hard…and good. It seems like there’s always something standing in the way or knocking you down. I’m realizing that that “something” is usually me. Take this blog for instance. I was committed to start posting at least weekly beginning in the new year, because the new year is a great time for starting something new, right? Then I got sick. Really sick and couldn’t seem to kick it. So now I’m two weeks into the new year and writing my first blog of 2019. Oh well, at least it’s something (and I’m feeling much better, thank you).

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.01.40 AM.png

I read an article this morning about getting started in business (because that’s what wakes up new entrepreneurs in the middle of the night). Entitled, The 8 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make, author Darren Hardy perfectly captures my anxieties and faux pas regarding my first official year of business. I began one year ago with dreams of changing the health picture and statistics in Cowlitz County. Okay, so it’s not the “universe” but that’s big for me, especially since my county has the worst health stats in the state. I wanted to teach classes, do one-on-one coaching, start a blog, teach online, create small groups, and anything else that popped into my head (usually at 3 a.m.) - and I wanted to do it all within the first three months of becoming an LLC.

Now, I have a lot of knowledge and experience regarding food, food prep, healthy eating, healthy movement, etc. but little to none in business, technology or social media. I’ve co-taught a Nutritional Psychology class at the local college (twice) with stellar results and have some experience in counseling due to my practicum while earning my Master’s in Counseling (MAC). Business, however, is not one of my fortes.

Mistake #8, according to Hardy, is not seeking the help you need. I nailed that one, I’ve spent the first year of this new adventure reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, watching webinars (oh the webinars!), and investing time and money into multi-day docuseries and classes. If ever I were ready to begin again, now is that time.

I still have a lot to learn in the realm of technology and marketing but right now I’m going to take Hardy’s first piece of advice, “… start small. Start where you are. Ship what you’ve got. Sell something today. Then improve. Focus on just getting better every day…” . I may still trip up on the other entrepreneurial mistakes he outlines but for now I’m excited, I’m in love with my community, I’m confident that I can affect change, and I’m invested. I’m still a bit intimidated by the thought of failure (or worse, public embarrassment) but I’m also tired of getting in my own way.

Here’s to 2019!